Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pkra 2013 beginnings

So I'm about a week away from going to Dakhla for the first stop of the PKRA tour 2013.

Been home now for a bit over 3 months and have been training to do as well as I can to start the year off well.

Its been a good summer, catching up with friends, kiting when its windy, went to Penrith cable a few times and there has been really good weather. I leave on the 14th of March, and after Dakhla I am going to Maui for the Naish Product shoot.

The Naish product shoot is something I have wanted to go to for the past 4 years. Maui looks like an amazing place for water sports, and to be able to ride with the rest of the team for a week will be awesome.

Anyway, will keep you posted on my travels to Morocco, hopefully I get in safely and don't get kidnapped in the Western Sahara